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I burned the shit out of my thumb today.
I grabbed my flat iron.
Why'd you do that?
*wets self*

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pocket contents: 1720??



And I’m a working mom of two beyond struggling even with a partner doing all she can to help supplement things in our home?

I’m stressing on how to put gas in my car to get to a job that is disrespecting me to the utmost, and have never been in any legal and…

A couple things about this (from a guy who did donate money):

It’s entirely possible that I’ve been duped and that it’s all a scam. I don’t know the guy well and his story struck a chord with me, so I gave. I don’t think that makes me an idiot or gullible or anything like that. I’ve seen tons of examples of people being dealt a shitty hand who are helped back on their feet by a small army of what are effectively Internet strangers. This passed my sniff test (though, I won’t deny some misgivings after having read what Leah and sarcastickunt have said).

If the whole thing is a ruse or what-have-you, my conscience is still clear because I gave to what I thought was a guy who really did need help. If that’s not the case, then so be it. He’s got a couple hundred bucks from me and the lie is on him.

I don’t know Adam’s story and even if I got suckered, I’m not upset. I gave in good faith and I’ll be more circumspect next time. 

I certainly don’t begrudge those who have been burned by him in the past, but not all of us are drawing on the same experience. Some of just thought shit happened and that we had a chance to lend a hand.

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For some reason, I decided to reread Merlin’s “Cranking" piece just now.

I’m going to go hug my wife and kids now. And read that article once a month for the rest of my fucking life.

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This Religion Business

Intolerance seems to be preached a lot more vehemently than its practiced (by lots of people on both sides of the debate).

Maybe we should all try being nice and genuine instead of worrying so much about being right.

Believe (or disbelieve) whatever you want. I’m happy to talk about it with anybody as long as we can agree that we’ll act like gentle(men|women).

It’s ok to emphatically disagree with somebody on any number of personal, important topics and still care deeply about them and enjoy having delicious grown-up drinks with them.

I’ll try to do better. It’d be cool if we all tried to do better, I think.

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New podcasting microphone and shock mount. This equipment is approximately 3000% less annoying and top-heavy than my previous setup. Also, my whiteness is unrivaled so don’t even think about rivaling my whiteness.

New podcasting microphone and shock mount. This equipment is approximately 3000% less annoying and top-heavy than my previous setup. Also, my whiteness is unrivaled so don’t even think about rivaling my whiteness.

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Instapaper, Ars Technica and Money Dollars

Last year when Ars Technica published the behemoth review of OS X Lion by John Siracusa, I wanted to read it on my iPad without having to visit 20-something different pages on the Ars site. So, I paid $5 for the Ars Premier membership (which, among other things, lets you download the Siracusa reviews as single PDFs). I downloaded the PDF of the review and promptly canceled my subscription. They got my $5 and I got to not be annoyed by the pagination on Ars’ site.

This year, it’s a little different. I use Instapaper for most of my longer-form article consumption and, as of recently, this service is able to figure out if an article has been spread across multiple pages. If it is, each page is captured and the article is rebuilt into a single document, suitable for viewing in the Instapaper app (or on the Web site).

I can’t help but think that Ars (and sites like Ars) must be a little miffed at Instapaper (and services like Instapaper). Naturally, the reason Ars spreads the article out over so many pages is so they can get 20-something ad impressions per reader of the article. Or, as described earlier, you can pay some dough and get a PDF without ads. Instapaper (and services like it) effectively sidestep both monetization efforts by offering the equivalent of the paid option for free.

I’m not singling out Instapaper here as there are many competing services that perform similar functions (though, to be fair, Instapaper created this class of application). I guess I just find it curious and wonder if sites like Ars are doing anything to impede services like Instapaper.